House Music 4 Grown-Ups, The Sixth

Hadn’t realized the last iteration of this series was already 2 years old! Here’s the newest edition which I had a lot of fun researching, prepping, recording and post-proding! Light and bouncy throughout with a increasingly darker finish, but never losing focus! Hope you enjoy! Favourite, repost and all that merry stuff so that this … Continue reading House Music 4 Grown-Ups, The Sixth

House Music for Grown-Ups, volume 2

A few days ago, I set out to do a new House/Tech mix (and I write House/Tech rather than Techouse on purpose) and, just a few tracks into the planning, it became obvious that this new mix was going to become the second iteration of a new series. The more I think about the concept, … Continue reading House Music for Grown-Ups, volume 2

House Music for Grown-Ups

Good things can be said about working from home: when contracts are less forthcoming, I get more time to mix! Hence, this fifth mix in little over a month. Those who are in contact with me on Facebook know that I announced a new Lounge mix a couple of days ago but, lo and behold, … Continue reading House Music for Grown-Ups

New Mix: Lo-Fi Breeze 4 Grown-Ups

So this is it: 2017 is a year where my traditional summer season mix will be a mash-up of two series — Summer Breeze and House Music for Grown-Ups. The reason is quite simple: I meant it to be a Summer Breeze iteration, but it’s a mix of Lo-Fi House tracks which aren’t quite sunny … Continue reading New Mix: Lo-Fi Breeze 4 Grown-Ups

Cosmix XII: Event Horizon

OK, so two Cosmixes in less than a week after I even wrote that the series and the genre were dying…? Well, here’s the story of how those two mixes came to be. I had been tinkering with a few mix ideas for a few weeks — Loungin, House Music 4 Grown-Ups, Cosmix — but … Continue reading Cosmix XII: Event Horizon

Cosm11x: No Place Like Home

Eleventh iteration of this soon to end Cosmix series, as the genre is dying, in my humble opinion. I struggled in deciding whether this would be part of the House Music 4 Grown-Ups series, but there are too many Disco/Boogie/just-not-House-Music joints in the mix to warrant this one belongin in that series, ergo… TRACKLIST Kojak … Continue reading Cosm11x: No Place Like Home

When it rains…

…it pours! As has been relatively true for years, I often release many mixes in a short period of time and here’s House Music for Grown-Ups Volume 5, barely three weeks after this year’s Summer Breeze Edition! As is often the case when I’m gripped by the muses of inspiration, this mix was put together … Continue reading When it rains…

You Know Summer Is Here When…

…the new edition of my Summer Breeze series is out! When I started working on this one, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be — a Cosmix, a Loungin’ with Monsieur Seb, a House Music for Grown-Ups or a Summer Breeze… After much tergiversation, the first mix was found and those first two … Continue reading You Know Summer Is Here When…

New mixes

Yeah, been slacking on the upkeep of this blog… Here are three or four new mixes that came out since Atom & Eve…