The archives are online

Hey y’all.

I’ve archives all the tracks I’ve produced, co-produced or remixed so far, since 2000.

I’ve included a few details on each track, and I’m presenting them in alphabetical order because, for most of them, I’ve lost the actual date of creation in a hard drive crash.

Indeed, a lot of those tracks only exist in audio format because the Reason master file (.rns) was lost.

In alphabetical order also beacuse I don’t want to put any of them forward, even though I should, but like I said, it’s an archive, not a sales pitch.

To wit, the fact that for the vast majority of them, the title is a working title, and and real title is important to me once a track is finished. I’ll let you guess which ones I think are completed tracks.

They are only available to stream, but I’ll gladly send you a copy should you request one.

The archive is HERE

Monsieur Seb’s Gift of Music (Free New Composition 4 U)


When inspiration comes, just go with the flow.

Here’s a very ambient track I recorded almost in one shot this morning and that I’ve titled “Fall”.

Ended up sounding a lot like Stars of the Lid and other ambient drone artists that I really like a lot, so I guess one could consider this new track of mine a form of hommage.

Hope you like it!

As always, your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting! 😉

You can stream it Fall or download it (320 kbps VBR mp3) by right-clicking the image.

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: Let’s Save the World with Music


Yeah, the Beatles also had that goal, at some point, but while today everyone’s mind is on the excellent reissue of the Fab 4’s catalog (more on that later), another release came out yesterday, unbeknownst to most.

Heck, even I only heard about it yesterday thanks to the fact I am a fan on their Facebook page!

I’m talking about the “new”-ish album by Prefab Sprout, one of my favoritest bands (they never knew much success on this side of the Big Pond, but look here to know more about them).

“Newish”, because this is more or less a new album in the sense that it’s actually demos of an unreleased album dating back to 1992, songs that were composed and recorded as a follow-up to their masterpiece Jordan: The Comeback, but never released.

As such, then, I’d say that this release is intended for hardcore fans, because the production quality, although excellent sonically, lacks in instrumentation. It obviously sounds as if Paddy recorded the whole thing on his own with a keyboard and sampler, and one can only dream of what it would sound like with a full string orchestra, brass, section and Thomas Dolby’s Midas touch…

But it’s pure delight, nonetheless, to have new Prefab songs to listen to, especially this one which I immediately fell in love with after my first listen of the album.

Prefab Sprout – I Love Music
I Love Music

Here, you’ll find a radio interview of Paddy on BBC2, last Thursday (Sept. 3rd)
Paddy on BBC