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New Mix: Lo-Fi Breeze 4 Grown-Ups

So this is it: 2017 is a year where my traditional summer season mix will be a mash-up of two series — Summer Breeze and House Music for Grown-Ups. The reason is quite simple: I meant it to be a Summer Breeze iteration, but it’s a mix of Lo-Fi House tracks which aren’t quite sunny ditties, most of the time.

I’ve only started exploring the genre, which in part explains the high reoccurrence of some bands in the tracklist, but I quite enjoy it and I hope you will too!

Stream from Mixcloud above or download by clicking here.


    TRP — Stash
    TRP — That Old Feeling
    TRP — M7
    TRP — The Future
    Lone — Chroma
    ÐNΛonÐNΛ — Tool #4
    Sonderr — Rush Hour
    Daze — Compton
    Grant — Feeling (Vocal Mix)
    LK — Getting Ready
    No Moon — Everything Has A Return
    Lone — Crush Mood
    DJ Heure — Sunny Jam
    LK — Lunar
    LK — Party People
    Lone — From A Past Life
    Ross From Friends — In An Emergency
    Beesmunt Soundsystem — First Timer (Mosey Remix)
    Grant — Frame Of Mind
    Mood J — The Arps
    Mavora — Tension
    Sonderr — Overboard
    No Moon — Is it Vibey Is It Yolo
    No Moon — Space Station Dub
    No Moon — I Left My Dial In Pirovac (Pt.1)
    No Moon — I Left My Dial In Pirovac (Pt.2)