Blast from the past!

Yesterday’s post concerning the Plug track provoked a few reactions from friends, notably one from Joelle, who asked me for more tracks from that era.

My initial reaction was “Well, I have to sit down and make an effort to remember all the tracks we loved back then”, but then I remembered I have a quick solution at hand:

a mix recorded live (on a cassette tape, with vinyls!) on Easter Sunday 1998, during my last residency in Quebec City at club Sinclair.

What a great night it was!

This mix exists only as a RealAudio file, sadly, but the quality is still acceptable and I think the mix is pretty damn good too!

It was recorded during the first part of the evening, between 10:30pm and midnight, approximately, so I guess you can call it the warm-up part of the night, but if I remember well, the dancefloor was gtting pretty packed even at about the halfway point of this mix.

  1. On Da Rocks – Thomas Bangalter
  2. Holiday On Ice – Le Knight Club
  3. Love In (Fucking Music 4 Love Time Mix) – Sexy Cool
  4. Pancake Jaz – Glenn Underground
  5. Runaway (Spanish Underground Mix) – Nuyorican Soul
  6. Honey Falls – New Phunk Theory
  7. Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix 1) – Mysterious People
  8. Music In My Mind (Deep Dish El Nino Mix) – Adam F
  9. Sunny Side – Couch Potatoes
  10. For All Those Times – Harrison Crump
  11. Break of Dawn – Paul Hester
  12. The Book (Attack of the Crab Monsters Mix) – Salt City Orchestra
  13. Sangue De Beirona (Remix de François K.) – Cesaria Evora
  14. Faithfull (Prassay Mix) – Fantom

Oh! the memories…

I woke up this morning (or did I hear it in a dream last night?) wth this track in my mind.

Initially, I wanted to simply share a YouTube Link or something along those lines on my Facebook page, but I couldn’t find an adequate or legal link to share, so here’s the next best solution:

Embed the track in my copyright-safe player!

Those weren’t the happiest days of my life, back then, but this track (as well as my friend Karim) sure helped me get through them! 🙂


Cut (Me & Mr. Sutton – 97 RMX) — Plug
Cut (Me & Mr. Sutton — 97 RMX)