House Music 4 Grown-Ups, The Sixth

Hadn’t realized the last iteration of this series was already 2 years old!

Here’s the newest edition which I had a lot of fun researching, prepping, recording and post-proding!

Light and bouncy throughout with a increasingly darker finish, but never losing focus!

Hope you enjoy!

Favourite, repost and all that merry stuff so that this little gem charts high!

This is the D/L link

This is the tracklist

  1. Welcome Speech_Crackazat
  2. Simply Yes_Shur-i-kan
  3. Jump Into (Paxton Fettel remix)_Uffe
  4. It’s More Fun To Compute_Joey Negro
  5. 4283_St-Denis
  6. I Wanna Fly_FAM Disco & Phillip Ramirez
  7. Clammy Customer_Archie Pelago
  8. Kiwis, Apples & Limes (Discodromo Spiritual Remix)_Robot Needs Oil
  9. Open House_Moullinex feat. Tee Flowers
  10. Botanico_Jex Opolis
  11. High Times_Marcus Marr
  12. Coffee Time_Crackazat
  13. The Phoenix Part 2_Marquis Hawkes
  14. White Song_Jacme
  15. Go Ahead_St-Denis
  16. Camino De La Luna_Joakim
  17. The Sound_Ron & Manoo
  18. Die Dimension_Perel
  19. Axe Nord-Sud_TÉNÈBRE

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