Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: clap ya hands!

I give in!

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I sing their praise: The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

After seeing their name pop left and right over all my usual Web sources and friends’ FB statuses and tweets, I decided to check out their eponymous album. So I forked over 10$ to iTunes (didn’t feel like waiting for a CD, but stupid me, I didn’t think of checking on eMusic, first, if they had it, and they did) and gave it a good listen.

WHOA! Cool!

What’s more, I discovered in the meantime that the band is fronted by Quinn Luke, better known (to me at least) as Bing Ji Ling, a name I discovered through the Ubiquity’s Rewind series of covers complilations, where he had notably done a very cool cover of AC/DC’s (You Shook Me) All Night Long.

Now, I’ve read here and there that TIHCB were come kind of 70s revival band, but if you ask me, they are just doing an americanized (I mean that in a nice way) version of Cosmic Disco!

In other words: if you like the Handclap band and don’t know Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, you need to get into them, and if you know L&PT but haven’t heard of the Handclap band yet, don’t waste any more time!

Monsieur Seb’s Track of the Week

Wigald Boning and Joris Voorn
Wigald Boning and Joris Voorn

This was announced a few weeks ago by Compost via Soundcloud and it hit the stores this week.

It will definitely be featured on my upcoming Cosmix vol. 4 mix!

I’d never heard of Boning before and he seems to be quite an eccentric and interesting character…

Kobra Dance (Joris Voorn Interpretation) – Wigald Boning
Kobra Dance

EPK Wigald Boning “Jet Set Jazz”

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: today’s two giveaways


The excellent young band Standing Waltz, from Quebec, are releasing their first video off of their first album, Non-sens, released in early May.

Cité phosphore is a cover from 80’s band Rational Youth (still have that on 45!).

You can watch the video here (sorry, I couldn’t embed it) and you can download the mp3 by right-clicking the album cover image.

As for today’s other givaway, it is Champion’s new single off of his upcoming album, Resistance.

Fairtilizer Track 42904 s

That single should be re-released, if you ask me, because he was majorly upstaged by some guy called Michael, yesterday.

The song is called Alive Again and you can download it by clicking the image to the left.

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: what’s YOUR favourite Michael Jackson song?

Mine is either


I admit I’d have a harder time picking a favourite solo MJ track, but if I was given no choice to do so, I’d say Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, and a special mention to Scream for the amazing video (embedding disabled by request in both cases).

Oh! And

Now, I wonder what was Marie’s favourite MJ song, cuz now she can get a private show!

La suggestion musicale du jour de Monsieur Seb

Je vais faire un petit effort pour pas effrayer les ayatollahs de la langue et du nationalisme en ce jour de Fête Nationale du Québec, alors j’écrirai mon billet quotidien de suggestion musicale in French.

Voici donc ma suggestion du jour:

Paul Piché, ce pilier du temple du 24 juin.

Toutefois, mon nationalisme à moi ne peux pas se contenter des nostalgiques versions du passé.

Alors voici pour vous, < ironie >Québécoises et Québécois de souche, francophones et adeptes du Nous inclusif!< / ironie >

Y’a pas grand chose dans l’ciel à soir (remixé par Frivolous) – Paul Piché

Je vous laisse sur cette petite pensée de Marc Desjardins: «Il ne faudrait pas oublier que Saint-Jean-Baptiste est mort martyr, la tête coupée, en récompense pour une danse à 10… Il faut tout de même un brin d’auto-dérision ou de cynisme pour fêter le Québec ce jour-là…»

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Suggestion: once more for Marie

Music is the Key – Foul Play (1994)
Music is the Key

Among the others tracks that Anne-Caroline suggested were also favourites of Marie, are these two.

Marie loved Drum n’ Bass, so it comes as no surprise to me that she loved Music is the Key.

Break Night – The Mole People (1995)
Break Night

The second one is one I remember they discovered through me in a club night where I was spinning.

Marie, Caro and I had our own level of understanding of music and Break Night, by Armand Van Helden under the moniker The Mole People, was a track that most people didn’t “get”, with its 13 minutes of sloooow progression where not much seems to be happening, yet it constantly evolves.

Dance with the angels, Marie…

When whales can’t hear each other…

Wired Science just posted an interesting article about underwater noise pollution and its effect on whales, among others.

What’s interesting, here, is that the article supplies us with two audio example of whales communicating, one in a noise-free environment and the other recorded in the New York Harbor.

What immediately struck me, as a tinnitus sufferer (like most DJs) is the ressemblance with the “noise” this condition imposes on one’s hearing.

Not to make fun of this serious issue, can you imagine a whale-sized hearing aid? Or maybe they’ll have to start using a P.A. system to hear each other over the din… 😉

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: for Marie L.

Marie Lebel, 1978-2009
Marie Lebel, 1978-2009

This is for my dear departed friend Marie Lebel.

I asked Anne-Caroline — who introduced me to Marie and who was closer to her than I was — what she remembered as Marie’s favourite song and this was it.

“She would listen to it a thousand times over in her car”, Anne-Caro told me.

It’s funny how, in a way, it’s very appropriate and fitting and even provides a kind of closure.

So, please listen to this with a loving thought for Marie, even if you never knew her.

She was truly deserving (and maybe in dire need) of loving thoughts.

I’m offering the Nellee Hooper version, too, in case Marie didn’t know it. 🙂

Hymn of the Big Wheel – Massive Attack
Big Wheel

Hymn of the Big Wheel (Nellee Hooper Mix) – Massive Attack