102 minutes with Andante Music

Another quick mix from out of nowhere!

Well, not entirely out of nowhere.

See, I am on the promo list of a few labels, including this label, Andante Music, out of Ukraine.

Yesterday I received a new promo from them which quite caught my ear — Ceo Basso‘s People In The Hop EP — and while adding that release to the rest of the label’s 10 releases so far, I realized their output was quite interesting when taken as whole: I guess you call that good artistic direction.

In any case, I thought I’d give a go at making a mix featuring only releases from the label, figuring it certainly can’t hurt a small start-up label from Ukraine to get a little more exposure here!

So here’s the result. You’ll notice there aren’t that many different artists, but all of the label’s artists (so far) are represented except one, which I felt didn’t quite fit with the overall mood of the mix.

As for Ceo Basso, who figures prominently on the mix, he’s definitely the most accomplished of the lot and although information about him or that label is hard to come by, my hunch is he’s the guy behind the label.

So here goes, friends, discover the sound of Ukraine, Deep House on the minimal tip, but never cold!

You can stream this mix from my Soundcloud page or download it here. In the tracklist below, the link on the name of each artist will take you to the corresponding release on Beatport.

  1. kick itceo basso
  2. feeling deepcheise
  3. i don’t knowceo basso
  4. what ischeise
  5. vertical horizonandrey djackonda
  6. aljarafecesar martinez
  7. type – viktor novak
  8. maverickslifer
  9. liendrescesar martinez
  10. people in the hop (wyro remix)ceo basso
  11. people in the hopceo basso
  12. monochromeceo basso
  13. clioviktor novak
  14. koaandrey djackonda
  15. philosophy of housecaval
  16. aljarafe (sonartek/andrea londi remix)cesar martinez
  17. 659e.m.m.e.
  18. dreamsandrey djackonda

A new mix has arrived!

1510363_10151936111937810_1326701468_nYup, this one took all of 24 hours to see the light of day from initial idea to finished recording…

I love it when that happens!

The story goes like this:

I wrote an article about Bran Van 3000 for a website I collaborate with, and in the process discovered that they had a release I was unaware of, some my buddy’s Fred Everything‘s remixes of a track off of their last album, 2010’s The Garden.

I have no clue as to how I managed to not be aware of that release since Fred is a friend and I’m the #1 Bran Van fan!

In any case, I fell in love with the main remix and, by it’s very structure, it became clear it had to be the closer of a new mix it inspired me to record.

Normally, I will make a selection of tracks I’m feeling at the moment, settle on the opener and work from there.

In this case, then, I had a closer, so I worked my way backwards until I felt I had a good opener that would build up to the closer I had chosen. Intellectually, it was a fun process and I’m utterly pleased with the result!

Et voilà!

I give you Endless Summer (I Love You Jack).

Now, some of you may or may not know it, but Jack is my son who I only get to see every other weekend, except in the summer, and this summer I got to see a lot of him, but summer is (almost) over and I will see less of him until at least the end of October, and all I could think of while recording this mix was him, hence the tagline…

Enjoy, my lovelies!


  • whatever you need _ moon boots (2014)
  • scary people [mekanism remix] _ hollis p. monroe, nhan solo, overnite (2014)
  • too late _ dead rose music company, satin jackets (2012)
  • jazz dialect _ tom taylor (2012)
  • submarine bells _ prommer & barck (2011)
  • face full of fur _ 40 thieves (2014)
  • on the inside [the revenge memory warehouse mix] _ deep space orchestra (2011)
  • potrero _ fred everything (2013)
  • tell you _ nahn solo (2014)
  • houston we have a problem _ genius of time (2013)
  • your attention _ kit mason (2014)
  • the confuser 11a kit mason (2014)
  • equinox [henrick schwarz mix] _ code 718 (2009)
  • monodynamic _ space dimension controller (2014)
  • turn around [âme remix] _ sailor & i (2014)
  • arms around [c2 affected mix] _ la fleur (2014)
  • motion in my mind [darko kustura remix] _ shyam (2013)
  • motion _ nachomarco (2012)
  • bing [acid mondays remix] _ wolfgang haffner (2014)
  • to be [pezzner remix] _ robert owens, andi rivera (2014)
  • it is what it is _ echonomist (2013)
  • lesexe _ lesale (2013)
  • la dolce vita [fred everything main mix] _ bran van 3000 (2011)

Si tous les EX étaient comme ça…

1402367486_frontIl y a déjà 10 ans que Richie Hawtin n’avait rien publié sous son célébrissime pseudonyme Plastikman, alors rien de surprenant à ce que la planète Techno soit en émoi devant la parution d’un nouvel album plutôt inattendu — on l’a annoncé seulement une semaine avant son lancement — et capté en direct lors de deux performances au Guggenheim Museum, en novembre 2013, date qui, incidemment, correspondait presque jour pour jour avec le lancement du tout premier album de Plastikman, Sheet One, vingt ans auparavant.

Avec le recul, on peut établir qu’il y a deux périodes distinctes dans l’oeuvre de Hawtin/Plastikman, la première plus Techno et orientée sur les pistes de danse (Sheet One, Musik, Recycled Plastik), et la seconde plus planante et cérébrale (Consumed, Closer), tandis que son album Artifakts [bc] était une oeuvre transitoire qui avait un pied dans la première période et un autre dans la seconde.

Pour lire la suite

Summer Breeze 2014


It’s that time of the year again: the release of my annual Summer Breeze mix!

Now, usually, it’s a very airy-breezy affair, but this year I was invited to play at the monthly event Echo Space at Bar La Caverne, in Montréal, and I decided to combine the two.

The result is that this year’s Summer Breeze is a little darker at times, but night time dark, not depressing dark, fear not!

Also, I’m trying out Beatport’s Sell Your Mix feature. It costs $9.99 (I don’t have a say on the price it goes for), and I get 10% (99¢) for each sale. We’ll see how it goes…

Just so you know, you have to buy all the tracks in your mix if you want to sell it on Beatport, so calculating an average of $2 per track, I need to sell about 52 copies of my mix to break even… :)

Thank you for encouraging a struggling old DJ like me! ;)

Here’s the playlist, even tough you’ll also see it on Beatport:

Title _ Mix — Artist [Label, Year]

  1. 2GTHR — Origins Sound [Roush, 2014]
  2. Freak Club — Flash Atkins & Little Lost Boy [Paper Recordings, 2012]
  3. Seven Reasons _ Roberto Rodriguez Piano Dub — Scope feat. Terry Grant [Large Music, 2012]
  4. The Right Key — Nacho Marco [Lazy Days Music, 2012]
  5. Fountain _ Orelse Mix — Quantum Shift [Green Mono Music, 2014]
  6. I Don’t Mind — Pezzner [Systematic Records, 2013]
  7. Your Girl — Evil Nine [For Lovers, 2014]
  8. Saved Forever _ C2 Mix — Terrence Parker [Planet E Communications, 2014]
  9. The Back 9 — Terrence Parker [Planet E Communications, 2014]
  10. My Melody feat. Shawnee Taylor _ Morillo & Romero Dirty Mix — Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez, Harry Romero [Subliminal Records, 2013]
  11. Soul Power — Space Echo [Luv Shack Records, 2013]
  12. Fable _ Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix — Lil’ Louis [Nocturnal Groove, 2012]
  13. Freak Like Me feat. Bunny Sigler _ DJ Dan Mix — Prince Dred & Bunny Sigler [Guesthouse Music, 2014]
  14. Like an Eagle _ Extended Version — Audiojack & Nancy Whang [Gomma, 2014]
  15. On The Highway _ Pezzner 2013 Remix — Brett Johnson & Dave Barker [Lazy Days Music, 2013]
  16. TB Continued — Hardfloor [www.hardfloor.de, 2014]
  17. Tripi feat. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band — Sharam & Manfred Mann’s Earth Band [Play It Say It, 2014]
  18. Pepis — Funk D’Void [Soma, 2014]
  19. Apollo 303 — 2 Billion Beats [Paper Recordings, 2014]
  20. Spiral — Todd Terje [Olsen Records, 2013]
  21. This Feeling — Lovebirds [OM Records, 2009]
  22. Noise In Your Eye — 2 Billion Beats [Paper Recordings, 2014]
  23. Get Involved _ Director’s Cut & Eric Kupper — DBow [Beatdown, 2013]
  24. Midnight _ Nacho Marco 303 Dub — Jamc Groove [Muak Music, 2012]
  25. Sway — Pezzner [Systematic Records, 2013]
  26. One Kiss _ Father’s of Sound Mix One — Pacha [Flying International, 1993]

Radio Annexia, 22nd report, part deux

Part two of my Eno retrospective for Radio Annexia. I had to take small liberties with the chronological order so that things flowed better. Hope you enjoy!

22nd report part 2 by monsieur seb by Radio_Annexia on Mixcloud

  • Vocal Outtakes – Brian Eno & David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – 1981
  • Third Uncle – Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) – 1974
  • Here Come the Warm Jets – Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets – 1974
  • The Heavenly Music Corporation – Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – No Pussyfooting – 1973
  • Wind on Water – Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – Evening Star – 1975
  • French Catalogues (Variation on the ‘Canon In D Major’ By Johann Pachelbel) – Brian Eno – Discreet Music – 1975
  • Two Rapid Formations – Brian Eno – Music For Films – 1978
  • In Dark Trees – Brian Eno – Another Green World – 1975
  • Luneburg Heath – Harmonia 76 – Tracks & Traces – 1976
  • Für Luise – Cluster & Brian Eno – Cluster & Eno – 1977
  • 2/2 – Brian Eno – Ambient 1: Music for Airports – 1978
  • The Dance #3 – Brian Eno & Laraaji – Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance – 1981
  • Delta Rain Dream – Brian Eno & Jon Hassell – Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics – 1980
  • An Arc Of Doves – Brian Eno & Harold Budd – Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror – 1980
  • Tzima N’ark – Eno Moebius & Roedelius – After The Heat – 1978
  • The Carrier – Brian Eno & David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – 1981
  • Stars – Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks – 1983
  • Always Returning (II) – Brian Eno – More Music For Films – 1983
  • Against the Sky – Brian Eno & Harold Budd – The Pearl – 1984
  • Sirens – Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois – Music For Films III – 1988
  • Dark Dreams – Brian Eno – Textures – 1989

Radio Annexia, 22nd report

First in a two-part mix series covering Brian Eno’s solo career to celebrate the launch of his new album in collaboration to Karl Hyde. This first part covers the 90s and 2000s in chronological order, one or more track per major release of his.

22nd report part 1 by monsieur seb by Radio_Annexia on Mixcloud

A more complete tracklist:

  • Ring of Fire – Brian Eno – Promo 7” – 1990
  • Everybody’s Mother/Step Up – Brian Eno – My Squelchy Life – 1991
  • The Roil, The Choke – Brian Eno – Nerve Net – 1992
  • Ikebukuro – Brian Eno – The Shutov Assembly – 1992
  • Neroli – Brian Eno – Neroli (Thinking Music part IV) – 1993
  • Garden Recalled – Brian Eno & Jah Wobble – Spinner – 1995
  • Rothko Doric – Brian Eno – Generative Music I – 1996
  • Track 03 – Brian Eno – Music For Glitterbug – 1996
  • Back Clack – Brian Eno – The Drop – 1997
  • Rising Dust – Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm – Drawn From Life – 2001
  • Emphasizing Enharmonic Partials – Brian Eno – January 07003: Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now – 2003
  • Altair – Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – The Equatorial Stars – 2004
  • Just Another Day – Brian Eno – Another day on earth – 2005
  • I Feel My Stuff – David Byrne & Brian Eno – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – 2008
  • Needle Click – Brian Eno – Making Space – 2010
  • Late Anthropocene – Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea – 2010
  • Lux 3 – Brian Eno – LUX – 2012
  • The Real – Brian Eno – Drums Between The Bells – 2011
  • Beebop Hurry – Karl Hyde & Brian Eno – A Collection – 2011
  • Daddy’s Car – Brian Eno & Karl Hyde – Someday World – 2014

New mixes

Yeah, been slacking on the upkeep of this blog… Here are three or four new mixes that came out since Atom & Eve…

A Mix for Bru
A mix for Bru: a semi-private mix I recorded using only tracks from a single drum n’ bass compilation | Click the image to stream from Mixcloud
Summer Breeze Volume 3
Summer Breeze Volume 3 | Right-click «save as…» to download
House Music for Grown-Ups Volume 4
House Music for Grown-Ups Volume 4 | Right-click «save as…» to download
Loungin' with Monsieur Seb Volume 5
Loungin’ with Monsieur Seb Volume 5 | Right-click «save as…» to download | artwork ©Paul Brisson
Monsieur Seb's Class
Monsieur Seb’s Class | Right-click «save as…» to download

Monsieur Seb Presents Cosmix 10: Atom & Eve

Every new Cosmix is an intense labour of love, and this one was even more so.


Well, since volume 9 (almost 2 years have gone by!), I have been distraught by the fact that the genre represented in this series of mix has kind of whithered…

The Nu Disco label has become a kind of fad, shall we say for lack of a better term, and in doing so, the forebears of the genre have become more quiet, distracted or otherwise absent, while the hangers-on and wanna-bes took center stage…

Now, I’m not criticizing, I’m merely explaining why I found this iteration slightly harder to give birth to.

I must admit I almost struggled to find tracks that would fit in a new Cosmix, and even though I am extremely proud of the final result, it is obvious even to the least attentive listener that this mix is a lot more house and tech than it is disco, although the filiation is never far.

Am I forecasting the end of the series?


That would be akin to forecasting the end of music…

But the future will be a continuum of the past and I doubt there can be more than one additional iteration in this series, if at all…



As always, your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting! ;)


Monsieur Seb Presents Cosmix 10: Atom & Eve

  1. Tender Love – Layo & Bushwacka
  2. Les Mondes Engloutis (Psychemagik 5am Mix) – Alico Vs. Cagri
  3. Switch – Tomson & Benedict
  4. Faux De Baux – Real Connoisseur
  5. Saturday Morning (Ruben & Ra’s Cosmic Jam) – Ajello
  6. The Blue Train (Dicky Trisco Mix) – Drop Out Orchestra
  7. Circle – Mad:Am
  8. Pieces (Panorama Mix) – Flashmob Feat . Laila Walker
  9. Eternity – Roberto Rodriguez
  10. In The Morning – Wolf + Lamb
  11. Sweet Talk (Urulu Works For Me Dub) – Jessie Ware
  12. The Traveller – Manuel Tur
  13. Systemwide – Christian Smith
  14. Mungolian Jetset Presents Knights Of Jumungus: The Dark Incal – Mungolian Jetset
  15. Castle (Fran Von Vie Remix) – Stas Karpenkov
  16. Karoo – Larse
  17. All I See Is You (Miguel Graca Remix) – Lemi Featuring James Reid With Natasha Flame
  18. Mon Duul – Cerebro
  19. Earth – Nu
  20. Are You Sure Joe (Neil Quigley’s Journey To Metaluna) – Cine City
  21. Brothers On The Slide (Jimpster Remix) – Patchworks Ginger Xpress
  22. Mark My Words (Monkey Boots/Disco Edits Re-Edit) – Shallow Taxi Club
  23. Eg-Ged-Osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit) – Lindstrom
  24. The Church of Moroder – Chardonnay
  25. Lipps (Inland Knights Kiss It Remix) – Inland Knights/Gil Tamazyan
  26. Silver Tears (Space Ranger Remix) – Ajello
  27. Love Somebosdy Else (Feat. Joi Cardwell) – Maceo Plex & Jon Dasilva
  28. How Do You Do? (Todd Terje Remix) – Hot Chip
  29. Gun Shy (Lindstrøm Remix) – Grizzly Bear
  30. Journey To The Sun (Milton Jackson Club Mix) – The Sunburst Band
  31. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Roberto Rodriguez
  32. Sunset (Lpz Remix) – Compuphonic
  33. Faar-I-Kaal – Lindstrøm
  34. Mungolian Jetset Presents Jaga Jazzist Vs Knights Of Jumungus: Toccata – Mungolian Jetset

In the beginning there was Jack

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