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Cosm11x: No Place Like Home

Reproduction, © Bloomsbury Auctions
Reproduction, © Bloomsbury Auctions

Eleventh iteration of this soon to end Cosmix series, as the genre is dying, in my humble opinion. I struggled in deciding whether this would be part of the House Music 4 Grown-Ups series, but there are too many Disco/Boogie/just-not-House-Music joints in the mix to warrant this one belongin in that series, ergo…


Kojak _ Laurence Guy
Be A Man You Ant _ Andre Bratten
Rituals _ Field Theory
Happiness (DNA 5) _ Crooked Man
Dreams (Psychemagik Remix) _ Fleetwood Mac
Frozen Rooms _ Somerville & Wilson
Baby Brother (DJ Fudge Remix) _ Sadam Ant
Feel That Heat _ Luxxury
In Sintesi (Psychemagik Remix) _ Roisin Murphy
Survive (I Will) _ Roberto Rodriguez
Trance Sexual _ Fantastic Man
Brown Sauce _ Marcus Marr
Let’s Go (Never Been To Tokyo) _ Doc L Junior
Lett Sommarmat _ Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz
Bar Trenutek _ Ichisan
Volium _ Future Sound of Antwerp
Live At The Cosmic Carnival _ Detroit Swindle
Disco Circus (Dan Tyler remix) _ Todd Terje & The Olsens
Funky People _ Kiu D & MKV
Badger From The North (BG Baarregaard Mix) _ Flash Atkins
Advance _ Justus Kohncke
Priestess _ Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda
Get To Know Me (Hot Toddy Vocal Remix) _ Situation
Analogue Express _ Bonar Bradberry
Winter Tones _ Fred Everything
H _ Prins Thomas
Reflections (Petar Dundov Remix) _ Alan Fitzpatrick
For Falling Asleep (Carl Craig Mix) _ Etienne Jaumet

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Monsieur Seb Daily Music Suggestion: Jumpin’ the Bandwagon


…well, kinda.

It wasn’t my intention of jumping on the MJ bandwagon, but I was going through my music library yesterday, in preparation for my set at Picnik Electronik, and I stumbled upon this one.

Now, I don’t think it’s a rarity (but it’s not that common and easy to come by, either) or that no one’s ever heard it, but I think it’s worth reminding or introducing it again!

Ian Brown – Thriller
Ian Brown – Thriller

Ian Brown, for those of you who are not too sure who the hell he is, used to be the lead singer in The Stone Roses (see below if you’re not sure who they were), and his cover of MJ’s hit was a bonus track on a limited edition of his Golden Greats album from 1999.


Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: what’s YOUR favourite Michael Jackson song?

Mine is either


I admit I’d have a harder time picking a favourite solo MJ track, but if I was given no choice to do so, I’d say Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, and a special mention to Scream for the amazing video (embedding disabled by request in both cases).

Oh! And

Now, I wonder what was Marie’s favourite MJ song, cuz now she can get a private show!