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Summer Breeze XVI

sbxviHere it is, just in time for all your summer music needs! This is the revised version, because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the one poste three weeks ago; I removed two songs from the tracklist and added one, as well as moving one from the beginning to the end of the mix to improve the flow.


Click on the image (© Christelle Canivet) to download or stream from Mixcloud.

Pomo _ Cherry Funk (feat. KAYTRANADA)
Siren with Mr. Reed _ A-way
Lindstrøm _ Home Tonight Extended Version
Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo) _ Giving It All
Noir & Haze _ Around (Solomun Vox)
Art Of Tones _ Dirty Stories
Liquid Phonk _ Throw Your Hands
Daco _ Meine Killer (feat Die Hexen)
Art Of Tones _ The Rainbow Song
Mona Lazette _ Pressure Pressure (Art Of Tones Remix)
Art of Tones _ I Just Can’t (Get over It)
Flash Atkins _ Acid House Creator (Ralph Myerz mix)
Mezman _ TNA
Van Who? & Ygor Ramirez _ Arpegiu
Audion _ Mouth to Mouth (Riva Starr Remix)
Jungle _ Julia (Soulwax Remix)
Greenskeepers _ I Am Trying (The Juan MacLean remix)
Lindstrøm _ Closing Shot
Moon Mood _ Stargazing
Bassfort _ Moonlight (Kyodai Rework)
Magnus International _ Synths of Jupiter
Flash Atkins/2 Billion Beats _ Wilco
Flash Atkins _ Levenshulme Orphanage For Boys (Doc L Junior’s Flashing Thunder dub)
Shahrokh Dini _ Gohar
Marvin & Guy _ Targa (Long Drive) (feat. Sebastien Bouchet)
Von Party & Dreems _ Wet Raga

Monsieur Seb Turns 80 Two

Almost 7 years ago, I released the predecessor to this new mix of 80’s favourites, even forecasting it, although I didn’t expect it would take me 7 years to record it…

Well, here it is!

Where the first volume was more geared towards hits of the era — especially songs that played at L’Ombre Jaune, the club I hung out at in Québec City back in the day — this one is also favourites of the place, but more personal ones and more “historically” ranging (1979-1990, whereas the club was opened from 1983 to 1988). Let’s just say it’s the perfect companion to that older sibling!

Downloadable, 320 kbps version is here.

And should you be interested, our annual event celebrating L’Ombre Jaune and Québec City’s 80’s underground scene is back for a 6th edition this year after a hiatus in 2015.

Here’s the 49-song, 3:59:26-long tracklist.

  1. Rain _ Tones On Tail
  2. Somebody Up There Likes You _ Simple Minds
  3. Fade To Grey _ Visage
  4. Dr. Mabuse _ Propaganda
  5. West End Girls _ Pet Shop Boys
  6. Ice Queen _ The Stranglers
  7. Fear Of Gods _ Simple Minds
  8. Guns Of Brixton _ The Clash
  9. Big Decision _ That Petrol Emotion
  10. Poison _ The Weathermen
  11. Collapsing New People (London Mix) _ Fad Gadget
  12. The Bus _ Executive Slacks
  13. Ignore The Machine (Dub) _ Alien Sex Fiend
  14. Eighties _ Killing Joke
  15. The Living End _ The Jesus And Mary Chain
  16. Patrol _ The Wake
  17. Back In Flesh _ Wall Of Voodoo
  18. W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. _ Front 242
  19. Theme For Great Cities _ Simple Minds
  20. Pushing Up The Daisies _ The Colourfield
  21. Ave Maria _ West India Company
  22. Mexico Sundown Blues _ James Ray & The Performance
  23. A New Outset _ Trisomie 21
  24. Testure (12 Inch Mix) _ Skinny Puppy
  25. U-Men _ Front 242
  26. Metal Dance _ SPK
  27. Attack Ships On Fire _ Revolting Cocks
  28. The Last Supper _ The Bollock Brothers
  29. Floorshow _ Sisters Of Mercy
  30. Du Und Ich _ Xao Seffcheque
  31. Film 2 _ Grauzone
  32. Pound Pound _ Jane & Jeff Hudson
  33. Lost Adults _ Voice Farm
  34. Ne Mourrez Pas _ Cham Pang
  35. Loony Bin _ Kas Product
  36. Trip The Switch _ Chrome
  37. Sunrise _ New Order
  38. Primary _ The Cure
  39. Unhappiness _ Chris Isaak
  40. Twist & Crawl _ The English Beat
  41. La Morte _ Karl Biscuit
  42. The Other Side Of Heaven _ Kissing The Pink
  43. Junk Culture _ Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
  44. Pain Of Pride _ Pink Industry
  45. Beat Of 2 _ Palais Schaumburg
  46. Here To Go _ Cabaret Voltaire
  47. Mothers Talk _ Tears For Fears
  48. The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme _ Colourbox
  49. Dream Within A Dream _ Propaganda

Bon voyage, Monsieur Jones…

Bon voyage, Monsieur Jones… by Monsieur Seb on Mixcloud


Yes, it had to happen…

Was it a shock, despite all of our anticipation?

Of course.

Because: denial.

David Bowie is dead.

Actually, I saw something on the Web — a comic strip, I believe — that read:

— “Did you hear Bowie’s dead?”
— “Bowie’s not dead; he just went home.”

I think that is somewhat true. Not that I’m a particularly spiritual or superstitious person, but in Davey Jones’ case, one has to wonder if he really belonged with us, mere mortals.

Of course, he did, since he passed from a very mortal disease, and we all refuse to look a fact in the face: in the end, he was just as discombobulated by Life as we all are.

Yet, in the meantime, from his first conscious memories to his last, he left us with a legacy like the world seldom sees.

I don’t want to fall into the superlatives trap, so I’ll leave the word “genius” and its ilk out of this.

But a great artist he was. Musician. Writer. Composer. Producer. Actor. Et j’en passe… Oh! and what a singer!



There! That’s his TRUE legacy.

The number of human beings he inspired in one way or another is probably even more staggering than you (or you, or I) can even fathom. And, as you have guessed, I don’t mean just artistically.

The world bears beings of this grandeur and talent only every so often, and we should all feel lucky we weren’t dead before he was born…

I’m lucky enough to have parents that are about Bowie’s age (a tad younger, really), which means I literally grew up with the man.

Obviously, it’s only in my teens that I actually developed a true appreciation for his oeuvre, an appreciation that only grew as I grew older and, hopefully, wiser. Or smarter.

Meh. Maybe not.

But more equipped to understand his art, undoubtedly.

In that sense, I feel privileged, for I was best equipped to follow his every twist and turn. When, in the 90’s, for example, he explored Drum n’ Bass or asked to be remixed by this or that producer, I was already privy to their genres, so it did not sound foreign to me.

Bowie always had his ear to the underground, as all the best artists do: they know that’s where true innovation comes from.

The Trickle Down theory simply does not work in art; it’s a grassroots process.

Few, if any, artists have disregarded conventions as defiantly as Bowie did.

You’ve probably read, throughout this sad, sad week, that he constantly reinvented himself; I believe that it was much more than that — it was a passion for communicating what he sensed were creative wells that needed to be explored… or revisited.

Was he always successful?

Hell, no!

Not all of his output is stellar; far from it…

There are almost as many misses as there are hits in his amazingly fruitful repertoire.

But Oh! the hits…

Hence this selection: these are (some of) my favourites of them all, but this hommage mix could’ve been thrice as long and it wouldn’t even cover it all.

What I wanted to do here is graze on the many aspects of his intuition, inspiration, and multi-faceted talent.

There are songs of his, covers, most of which he produced, played or sang on, or inspired, and the common thread in all of them is the impact they/he on my life as a music lover…

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy taking this trip with me, and Him.

Thank you. And Him.

  1. Are You Sitting Comfortably? _ David Bowie Narrates Prokofiev’s Peter And The Wolf _ 1978
  2. Black Star _ Elvis _ Flaming Star _ 1960
  3. Read: Does a 1960s Elvis song hold the key to Bowie’s Blackstar, and 5 other theories behind his mysterious farewell

  4. Love Is Lost _ Hello Steve Reich Mix _ The Next Day Extra _ 2013
  5. Ashes To Ashes _ Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) _ 1979
  6. Reflektor _ Arcade Fire _ 2013 (Bowie on additional vocals)
  7. Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) _ Blackstar _ 2016
  8. I’m Deranged _ Outside _ 1995
  9. Bring Me The Disco King _ Reality _ 2003
  10. Life On Mars? _ Barbra Streisand _ Butterfly _ 1974
  11. Cat People _ Soundtrack _ 1982
  12. 1984/Dodo Medley _ Recorded 1973, Released On Sound And Vision 1989
  13. Stay _ Station To Station _ 1975
  14. Walk On The Wild Side _ Transformer _ 1972 _ Acoustic Guitar and Produced by Bowie
  15. Changes _ Hunky Dory _ 1971
  16. It’s Gonna Be Me _ Young Americans _ Recorded 1975, Released 1991
  17. Abdulmajid _ “Heroes” _ Recorded In 78 Or 79, Released In 1991
  18. Seven (Beck Mix) _ Hours… _ 2000
  19. A Better Future (Remix By Air) _ Limited Edition Bonus Disc For Heathen _ 2002
  20. Blackstar _ Blackstar _ 2016
  21. It’s No Game _ Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) _ 1979
  22. Heroes _ “Heroes” _ 1977
  23. Ziggy Stardust _ Bauhaus _ Single _ 1982
  24. ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore _ Blackstar _ 2016
  25. The Dirty Song _ David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht’s Baal _ 1982
  26. The Man Who Sold The World _ Lulu _ Single _ Vocals and Produced by Bowie _ 1974
  27. DJ _ Lodger _ 1979
  28. Somebody Up There Likes You _ Simple Minds _ New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84) _ 1982 _ Simple Minds’ band name comes from the lyrics of Jean Genie and this song is a nod To Somebody Up There Like Me from Young Americans (1975)
  29. This Is Not America _ The Falcon And The Snowman Soundtrack _ 1985
  30. Lazarus _ Blackstar _ 2016
  31. Space Oddity _ Demo Version _ 1969
  32. Sense Of Doubt / Moss Garden / Neuköln _ “Heroes” _ 1977


A Quiet Orbit; Happy Holidays, Y’all!

A Quiet Orbit by Monsieur Seb on Mixcloud

I knew I wanted to take some time during the Holidays to work on a new mix, and I thought it would be a new iteration of the Loungin’ series, and just went with the flow. It clearly is not a Loungin’, nor any other series of mixes I’ve got going, but I am immensely proud of this little number; it flows and ebbs across all kinds of genres and has an emotional thread that takes you to many light and dark places, but always in a very pleasant way. It’s also, in a way, a compilation of some of the songs that I loved the most this year as most of these tracks have been in heavy rotation since I got them… Hope you enjoy!


Song title [Mix] _ Artist (Year) (click here to download)

Holy Jungle _ Ghost Note (2012)
Sunny Bigler [Leftside Wobble Space Dub] _ Leon Sweet (2015)
I Need You More Than He _ Phil Gerus (2015)
Alright _ Kendrick Lamar (2015)
Dots & Lines _ Lupe Fiasco (2015)
Mung’s Picazzo _ Mungolian Jetset Vs Athana (2012)
After The Dance [Instrumental] _ Marvin Gaye (1976)
Body Of Work [feat. Troi & Terrance Martin] _ Lupe Fiasco (2015)
Orbiting Jupiters _ Orson Wells (2015)
Högre _ Evigt Mörker (2013)
I Remember [Nils Frahm Dub Interrupt Remix] _ Jon Hopkins (2015)
Do It (Right) [Lidell Townsell Remix] _ Shit Robot (2014)
Til U Burnin Up Pt. I _ Osunlade (2014)
Til U Burnin Up Pt. II _ Osunlade (2014)
Robin Redo (Miguel Graça Rib) _ Sean Kosa & Edan Blomme (2015)
Quiet Orbit Around Gladia _ Zadig (2015)
Last Ride of the Boogie Child _ Tim Blake (1977)
Gran Paradiso _ Prins Thomas (2013)
Black Rigsby _ Henry Wu (2015)
Moon Circuitry _ Ge-ology (2015)
Magnetic Feel [Full Joint] _ Roc Hunter (1999)
Second Summer [Dub] _ Yacht (2012)
New Paradise _ Harvey Sutherland (2015)
Test 7 _ Donato Dozzy + Tin Man (2014)
Xtension _ R.H.X (2015)

7oungin’s Here!

Yes, a new iteration in the Loungin’ series, and frankly, it’s due in large part to the fact that I’ve been using Bandcamp more and more lately and making amazing discoveries or rediscoveries — ie catalogs of artists I know but was unaware of. A downloadable mp3 file is available on request.

Loun6in’ with Monsieur Seb: The Return

So, I couldn’t sleep last night, decided to work on the new chapter of the Loungin’ series, but at some point got fed up of overthinking it, so I just hit record after deciding on what the first track would be, but no idea of where I would go from there. Recorded in one take. I like it a lot. Hope you do too!

Loun6in’ with Monsieur Seb by Monsieur Seb on Mixcloud

When it rains…

hm4gu5…it pours!

As has been relatively true for years, I often release many mixes in a short period of time and here’s House Music for Grown-Ups Volume 5, barely three weeks after this year’s Summer Breeze Edition!

As is often the case when I’m gripped by the muses of inspiration, this mix was put together in a few hours, barely double its actual length.

It starts off quite energetic and mellows slowly — although the tempo doesn’t slow — to a nice sexy vibe over a period of approximately 100 minutes. I guess you could say SBXV is the afternoon set and this the evening set of your perfect summertime Saturday!


Zip download or

House Music for Grown-Ups Volume 5 by Monsieur Seb on Mixcloud

  1. Descenders of the Faith _ Reed & Radley
  2. Silvery Sounds (with e-piano) _ The Sound of K
  3. Headstones _ Reed & Radley
  4. Think Twice feat Alexander East (Fred Everything Lazy Vox Remix) _ Yousef
  5. 90s Girls _ Sui Generis
  6. Fields of May _ Reed & Radley
  7. How Does It Feel (Richard Seaborne mix) _ Proviant Audio
  8. You Don’t Have To _ Clip!
  9. The Pap (Ralf Gum Main Mix) _ Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham
  10. Birkelunden (Ravi’s Løkkatrøkka Birkebanger) _ Diskobeistet
  11. I’m Losing Control (Maus Remix) _ LeBaron
  12. Wuehlmaus _ DJ Aroma
  13. Superstitious (Djedjotronic Remix) _ M.A.N.D.Y.
  14. I Human feat Paul Randolph (Fred Everything Expression) _ Jazzanova
  15. Smile _ Jay Nemor & De Fantastiske To
  16. Intuition _ Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo)
  17. Gammal Morro _ Diskobeistet
  18. Do It (Part Two) (Mindlo & Essential i Remix) _ Shake The Dog feat. Monique Bingham
  19. Lesexe _ LeSale

You Know Summer Is Here When…

…the new edition of my Summer Breeze series is out!

When I started working on this one, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be — a Cosmix, a Loungin’ with Monsieur Seb, a House Music for Grown-Ups or a Summer Breeze

After much tergiversation, the first mix was found and those first two tracks (actually track 2 and 3 on the mix, a third one was tagged in front later in the creation) clearly pointed towards a Summer Breeze iteration and, after recording it, I felt it was kind of a Cosmix Summer, but let’s not overcomplicate things! 🙂

True to its mission, it’s unpretentious, fun music for lounging in the sun, by the pool, drink in hand — except maybe for a slightly darker bit about three quarters into the mix (that cryptic track titled Edit Service #42 based on a Joy Division sample).

But fear not, the mix ends on a very joyous and light note with a song based around my all-time favourite songwriter, musician and arranger, Donald Fagen — the original being I.G.Y., from his 1982 solo album The Nightfly (which, incidentally, is the subtitle of Vol. 5 of my Loungin’ series and features the title track from that album).

Steely Dan/Donald Fagen are not often sampled and Lovebirds does it magnificently well!

On a spur of the moment, I even decided to mix in the original track for an even breezier, yacht rock feel; the perfect end to a great summer mix.

Here, then, for your summer enjoyment, is the fifth edition of Summer Breeze!

Zip file or

Summer Breeze 2015 by Monsieur Seb on Mixcloud


  1. XTC — DJ Koze
  2. Shangri-La (Psychemagik Remix) — Yacht
  3. Oban (Todd Terje Remix) — Jaga Jazzist
  4. Bostitch (Fred Everything Version 1) — Yello
  5. Loose Booty — Crispin J. Glover
  6. Cherry — Tim Green
  7. Just — Bicep
  8. Sunny Bigler — Leon Sweet
  9. Celebre (The Revenge Mix) — Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love
  10. Hello Space! — Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz
  11. Do That Dance feat. Nancy Whang (Konstantin Sibold Remix) — Shit Robot
  12. Acid 4 Eddie — Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz
  13. Freaks (Ivan Smagghe Version) — Richard Norris
  14. I’m a Cliché Edit Service #42 — Michele Mininni
  15. Down — Tuxxedo
  16. Egoista — Marvin & Guy
  17. Traffic — Djedjotronic
  18. Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework) — Razor n’ Tape
  19. I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year) — Donald Fagen

Hommage to Jnsb Rx: A New Mix for Radio Annexia

Here, for your listening enjoyment, is the 39th report on Radio Annexia, a mix I made as an hommage to the work of Jean-Seb Roux.


  1. white jazz _ tlon
  2. clandestine _ tlon
  3. close distance _ tlon
  4. jt.jy.31 _ tlon
  5. fr.fy.28 _ tlon
  6. about us _ tlon
  7. in the shadow of unexpectation _ tlon
  8. heart is where we get hurt _ deluge
  9. la esperanza _ deluge
  10. may we be us _ tlon
  11. the crush _ deluge
  12. after the flood _ deluge
  13. al_al.30 _ tlon
  14. departure _ deluge
  15. _ tlon
  16. éclipse _ rouj
  17. metapop [tlon remake] _ deluge
  18. matar mi corazon _ rouj
  19. veryultra _ deluge
  20. song from the highest tower _ deluge
  21. farewell _ tlon

39th report by monsieur seb – an hommage to the music of jeanseb roux by Radio_Annexia on Mixcloud

102 minutes with Andante Music

Another quick mix from out of nowhere!

Well, not entirely out of nowhere.

See, I am on the promo list of a few labels, including this label, Andante Music, out of Ukraine.

Yesterday I received a new promo from them which quite caught my ear — Ceo Basso‘s People In The Hop EP — and while adding that release to the rest of the label’s 10 releases so far, I realized their output was quite interesting when taken as whole: I guess you call that good artistic direction.

In any case, I thought I’d give a go at making a mix featuring only releases from the label, figuring it certainly can’t hurt a small start-up label from Ukraine to get a little more exposure here!

So here’s the result. You’ll notice there aren’t that many different artists, but all of the label’s artists (so far) are represented except one, which I felt didn’t quite fit with the overall mood of the mix.

As for Ceo Basso, who figures prominently on the mix, he’s definitely the most accomplished of the lot and although information about him or that label is hard to come by, my hunch is he’s the guy behind the label.

So here goes, friends, discover the sound of Ukraine, Deep House on the minimal tip, but never cold!

You can stream this mix from my Soundcloud page or download it here. In the tracklist below, the link on the name of each artist will take you to the corresponding release on Beatport.

  1. kick itceo basso
  2. feeling deepcheise
  3. i don’t knowceo basso
  4. what ischeise
  5. vertical horizonandrey djackonda
  6. aljarafecesar martinez
  7. type – viktor novak
  8. maverickslifer
  9. liendrescesar martinez
  10. people in the hop (wyro remix)ceo basso
  11. people in the hopceo basso
  12. monochromeceo basso
  13. clioviktor novak
  14. koaandrey djackonda
  15. philosophy of housecaval
  16. aljarafe (sonartek/andrea londi remix)cesar martinez
  17. 659e.m.m.e.
  18. dreamsandrey djackonda