The REAL Summer Breeze 2017

Here’s this year’s edition of the Summer Breeze series that almost was with the LoFiBreeze mix released earlier this summer! Enjoy unabashedly loud and like no one’s watching! I’m really happy with this one! Favourite, repost and share, let’s take this one to the top of the Mixcloud charts! The download link is here. TRACKLIST … Continue reading The REAL Summer Breeze 2017

Summer Breeze XVI

Here it is, just in time for all your summer music needs! This is the revised version, because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the one poste three weeks ago; I removed two songs from the tracklist and added one, as well as moving one from the beginning to the end of the mix to improve … Continue reading Summer Breeze XVI

Summer Breeze XV – You Know Summer Is Here When…

…the new edition of my Summer Breeze series is out! When I started working on this one, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be — a Cosmix, a Loungin’ with Monsieur Seb, a House Music for Grown-Ups or a Summer Breeze… After much tergiversation, the first mix was found and those first two … Continue reading Summer Breeze XV – You Know Summer Is Here When…

Summer Breeze 2014

It’s that time of the year again: the release of my annual Summer Breeze mix! Now, usually, it’s a very airy-breezy affair, but this year I was invited to play at the monthly event Echo Space at Bar La Caverne, in Montréal, and I decided to combine the two. The result is that this year’s … Continue reading Summer Breeze 2014

Summer Breeze vol. 2

Yes, summer is finally here, albeit a bit timidly, so it’s time for the second installment of my Summer Breeze series. In a nutshell: summery, breezy, unpretentious music for sipping a good glass of your favourite drink on a terrasse with your friends. Nothing more, nothing less. During these nearly one hundred minutes, you’ll hear … Continue reading Summer Breeze vol. 2

New Mix: Lo-Fi Breeze 4 Grown-Ups

So this is it: 2017 is a year where my traditional summer season mix will be a mash-up of two series — Summer Breeze and House Music for Grown-Ups. The reason is quite simple: I meant it to be a Summer Breeze iteration, but it’s a mix of Lo-Fi House tracks which aren’t quite sunny … Continue reading New Mix: Lo-Fi Breeze 4 Grown-Ups

A Summer Affair

I didn’t exactly know what this new mix was going to become. What I knew is that I wanted to record a mix that would be a good example of the convergence I’ve been noticing between a certain faction of the Deep House branch and some of the housier tracks in the Cosmic Disco realm. … Continue reading A Summer Affair

Generation (In Loving Memory of Hugues Alonzo Chicoine 1948-2016)

A mix inspired by my beloved father, Hugues Chicoine, who passed away peacefully on September 2, 2016, at the age of 67. The mix contains music that we shared, that was at the core of our relationship throughout the 47 years we had together, all favourites of ours/his/mine; I feel truly blessed to have had the chance of … Continue reading Generation (In Loving Memory of Hugues Alonzo Chicoine 1948-2016)