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A Tribute to Paper Recordings, part one

I’ve been meaning to do such a mix for many, many years now, and here it is, finally.

“It” is a mix of some of my favourite tracks — a very personal and by no means encyclopedic selection — from the mythical mancunian Deep House record label, Paper Recordings, my all-time favouritest record label, even today.

Now, I entitled this post “…part one” because while I was preparing this mix, I realized that although we mostly remember the Paper catalog because of its classic dancefloor burners, there’s just as much great downtempo tracks to be remembered and, because of this fact, I decided to record two mixes, the first of which I offer to you here.

Rest assured: you won’t have to wait years for the downtempo installment!

I truly hope you will enjoy this, because all these tracks have a special meaning to me and, if you didn’t know of Paper Recordings, I hope you will enjoy discovering this truly amazing record label.

P.S.: I would like to dedicate this mix to my dear friends Anne-Caroline, Nicolas and Karim, because of all the people I think of fondly when I hear these songs, these three are the ones I associate the most with my love of Paper Recordings.

You can stream it above or download by clicking here.

As always, your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting! 😉


A Tribute to Paper Recordings, part one

  1. There’s A Better Place – Crazy Penis (PAPCD016)
  2. Viva Blue (Martin Venetjoki’s De-Pressed & remastered mix) – Keyboy (PAPD02)
  3. Finbiff Patrol – Those Norwegians (PAP011)
  4. Origami – Wastepaper (PAP004)
  5. The Dancer – New Phunk Theory (PAP006)
  6. Do Un Goodur’ (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Mix) – Crazy Penis (PAP044)
  7. The Way We Swing – Crazy Penis (PAP013)
  8. The Book (Hardback Dub) – Salt City Orchestra (PAP001)
  9. Downtime – Paper Music (PAP002)
  10. I Feel Music – Harlem Zip Code (PAP072)
  11. Bustabubble – Shaboom (PAP005)
  12. Honey Falls – New Phunk Theory (PAP021)
  13. Don’t Fuck with My Shit (Da Floor Mix) – Dirty Jesus (PAP014)
  14. Bessie’s Kurbdog Remix / Bessie’s Reprise – Shaboom (PAP012)
  15. Lara’s Theme – Streetlife Originals (PAP022)
  16. Nu Odyssey – Departure Lounge (PAP017)
  17. Fatdansrubadub – Salt City Orchestra (PAP015)
  18. Theme From Salt City Orchestra – Salt City Orchestra (PAP015)
  19. The Big Thang – Hot Toddy (PAPCD008)

Blast from the past!

Yesterday’s post concerning the Plug track provoked a few reactions from friends, notably one from Joelle, who asked me for more tracks from that era.

My initial reaction was “Well, I have to sit down and make an effort to remember all the tracks we loved back then”, but then I remembered I have a quick solution at hand:

a mix recorded live (on a cassette tape, with vinyls!) on Easter Sunday 1998, during my last residency in Quebec City at club Sinclair.

What a great night it was!

This mix exists only as a RealAudio file, sadly, but the quality is still acceptable and I think the mix is pretty damn good too!

It was recorded during the first part of the evening, between 10:30pm and midnight, approximately, so I guess you can call it the warm-up part of the night, but if I remember well, the dancefloor was gtting pretty packed even at about the halfway point of this mix.

  1. On Da Rocks – Thomas Bangalter
  2. Holiday On Ice – Le Knight Club
  3. Love In (Fucking Music 4 Love Time Mix) – Sexy Cool
  4. Pancake Jaz – Glenn Underground
  5. Runaway (Spanish Underground Mix) – Nuyorican Soul
  6. Honey Falls – New Phunk Theory
  7. Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix 1) – Mysterious People
  8. Music In My Mind (Deep Dish El Nino Mix) – Adam F
  9. Sunny Side – Couch Potatoes
  10. For All Those Times – Harrison Crump
  11. Break of Dawn – Paul Hester
  12. The Book (Attack of the Crab Monsters Mix) – Salt City Orchestra
  13. Sangue De Beirona (Remix de François K.) – Cesaria Evora
  14. Faithfull (Prassay Mix) – Fantom