New mixes

Yeah, been slacking on the upkeep of this blog… Here are three or four new mixes that came out since Atom & Eve…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Oh! A couple of good news in the NME piece! # First live album for the White Stripes coming soon: # Oh! MY! Social System is preparing a comeback?! Social System – intro by pheek via #soundcloud # To my dear friends and family who contributed to my 40th birthday present: it … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Through the Past, Darkly

A couple of months ago, I was offered to do an ambient set on my friend Jeff Prémont‘s radio show, in Quebec City, but for some reason, things didn’t pan out. Nonetheless, I thought recording an ambient mix was a good idea. While preparing that set I’ve titled Headspace, I decided I also wanted to … Continue reading Through the Past, Darkly