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Inside Me

New mix?

Apparently, yeah!

It came out of nowhere…

I mean, usually, I set out and plan to make a new mix, but with this one, I wasn’t planning it — at least not in this style — for yet another little while.

However, some time last week, I just HAD to start tinkering with my decks and, well, it just flowed right out of me.

Guess the right combination of tracks and mindset was there!

So, here it is… Honestly, it’s not a mix for amateurs: the choice of tracks, the mixing style, the very different moods, all require that you, dear listener, be ready to deal with it.

Just before recording it, I set my Facebook status to “New mix coming your way in the next few hours! Just in time for the weekend, too! Lots of weird goodness!”

Weird goodness might as well be the title of this mix! 😀


As I was chatting about this mix, just after it was done, with my friend Mélanie D., she made me realize that this was actually some kind of message to my recently dearly departed friend Marie Lebel, and, in retrospect, I have to admit she was totally right, even though I didn’t realize it at the conception or recording stage.

So here’s to you, one last time, beautiful Marie…

As usual, you can stream it Inside Me or “right-click/save as” on the image to download it.

Here’s the hyperlinked tracklisting:

  1. Two Dots (Pezzner Remix). Lusine
  2. Just The Kind Of Girl. Jimpster
  3. King Of Sunset (Pezzner Dub Mix). De Funk
  4. Saxtrack (Reboot Twisted Fist Remix). Sebo K/Metro
  5. The DJ feat. P. Diddy. DJ Hell
  6. I Am Plankton (Pezzner Mix 20). Mike Monday
  7. The Soul (part II). Craig Smith/The Revenge
  8. Madrugada. Satoshi Tomiie/Mes
  9. In & Out. Will Saul, Tam Cooper
  10. The Loneliness. Stimming
  11. Living My Life. Roberto Rodriguez
  12. Star Kissed. Eric Kupper/K Scope
  13. Love Stimulation (Radio Slave Full Length Vox Remix). Humate
  14. Simple Things (Serge Santiago Remix). Shit Robot
  15. Light Years. John Daly
  16. Kobra Dance (Joris Voorn Interpretation). Wigald Boning

I Am Rhythm

Here it is, my new Tech/House mix is ready!

It’s a rather short affair, by me standards, at 1h46 minutes, but it’s banging and straight to the point. Fear not, the ever present wink at my musical roots are sprinkled throughout.

I truly hope y’all enjoy it because after giving it a good listen with detached ears (merci Tyna de m’avoir appris à faire ça!), I can honestly and modestly say I’m really proud of it!

You can stream it I Am Rhythm or “right-click/save as” on the image to download it.

P.S.: Yup, the cover image is the actual waveform of the first few beats of the mix

1 I Am Rhythm DJ T. Get Physical
2 Sinapsi Johnny D. & Steve B. SFR Recording
3 Ronson Reboot Cocoon Recordings
4 Incognito Radio Slave Rekids
5 Domesticated feat. Derrick Carter (Pezzner Mix) Home & Garden OM Records
6 Trains Over Broadway (Pezzner Extended Remix) Sleazy McQueen Chillin Music
7 Una Pena feat. Paulo Olarte (Solomun Dub) Stimming Diynamic
8 The Trouble (Lee Curtiss Remix) J-Mode & Jamie Jones Leftroom Records
9 The Kiss Stimming Diynamic
10 Pumpin the Cab (Barrio Dub) Anuk Andersen Mucho Groove
11 Touch My Horn Jesse Rose Dubsided
12 😉 Richard Bartz Kanzleramt
13 Traffic (New Wipers Mix) Brendon Moeller Third Ear
14 Traffic Jam Cobblestone Jazz K7 Records
15 Telemetric (Arto Mwambe’s ‘Guitar Down’ Remix/Monsieur Seb Edit) Telespazio Tiny Sticks
16 U Can Dance feat. Bryan Ferry DJ Hell International Deejay Gigolo Records
17 Soursweet (Petar Dundov Remix) Joel Mull Spectrum Recording UK
18 Artificial Amateurs Spin Science Elevation Recordings (Ireland)
19 Diamond Girl Richard Bartz Kompakt