Monsieur Seb Daily Music Suggestion: Jumpin’ the Bandwagon


…well, kinda.

It wasn’t my intention of jumping on the MJ bandwagon, but I was going through my music library yesterday, in preparation for my set at Picnik Electronik, and I stumbled upon this one.

Now, I don’t think it’s a rarity (but it’s not that common and easy to come by, either) or that no one’s ever heard it, but I think it’s worth reminding or introducing it again!

Ian Brown – Thriller
Ian Brown – Thriller

Ian Brown, for those of you who are not too sure who the hell he is, used to be the lead singer in The Stone Roses (see below if you’re not sure who they were), and his cover of MJ’s hit was a bonus track on a limited edition of his Golden Greats album from 1999.


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