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Diving for Pearls

I love it when a new mix just pops out on its own, like this one…

I sat down to fool around with a few house and techouse tracks a few days ago, and everything just fell into place.

The title refers to the overall very deep vibe of this mix and to the fact that the tracks on this mix are all little pearls in their genre.

The older listeners will undoubtedly appreciate certain very old school-sounding tracks sprinkled here and there throughout the mix.

People who know me know I don’t bullshit, so I want to say this: the first two mixes are not quite up to par, but I must say that I had to work with a track that’s either voluntarily wild pitched or simply not tight.

Otherwise, I think this monster-mix (2h40m43s) is quite spot-on!


You can stream or download it here and your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting!


Diving for Pearls

  1. Sun (Bowski Remix) – Caribou
  2. Big Fun (Agoria Remix) – Inner City
  3. Lost In The Ether (Filtered Boogie Remix) – DJ Shine
  4. Soldiers (The Revenge Dub) – Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia
  5. Square Knocking – Art Of Tones
  6. Slideaway – Robert Babicz
  7. The Logical Song – Rodion
  8. Elle – Pablo Cahn
  9. Sunstream – The Backwoods
  10. Can U Feel It – Marc King
  11. D2000 (The Godson Remix) – Urban Tribe
  12. Forever And A Day – Franc Spangler
  13. Blueprint – Kink & Neville Watson
  14. One Lonely Knight (Extended Live Mix) – Arto Mwambe
  15. Ocean (Jacksonville Remix) – 2020 Soundsystem
  16. Disco 2080 – The Planty Herbs
  17. Love Or Leave Me (Johnny D’s Power To The People Remix) – Johnny D
  18. The Rain (Version 3) – Freaks
  19. Happy People (Pol On edit) – Brass Construction
  20. Junggesellenmaschine – Ame
  21. A Break in The Clouds – James Holden
  22. Cash The Chord (Audiojack Remix) – H.O.S.H.
  23. Around – Julio Bashmore
  24. Button – Brandt Brauer Frick
  25. The Soul Is Back (Underground Resistance Timeline Remix) – Soul Designer
  26. OFI – Model 500

Monsieur Seb’s Daily Musical Suggestion: The Good Life


There are some records one feels lucky and grateful to own.

One such record, for me, is the double vinyl entitled Testament 93 by Kevin Saunderson’s Inner City.

There’s no debate on how influential Kevin Saunderson’s been for House Music and electronic music in general, as much in his solo productions as with Inner City or even as a label owner.

Released (as the title implies) in 1993, this beautifully packaged double 12″ was, at the time, and it sill is, very near a collector’s item.

First because CJ Mackintosh’s remix is absolutely first class, adding just what’s needed to the original production of the “other” Inner City classic, Good Life (Big Fun being THE classic), to make it sound even better on a dancefloor, but without hijacking the track.

Good Life (Cj Mackintosh’s Living Good Club Mix) – Inner City
Good Life

It sounds like it could very well be the orginal, to someone who hasn’t heard it in a while.

Second, the lot of producers invited to remix some of Inner City’s best songs is quite impressive, even now: the aforementionned Mackintosh, Unity, Brothers In Rhythm, Leftfield, Saunderson himself, as well as The Future Sound Of London, doing a 15 minutes-long version of Praise that sounds like a close relative of Papua New Guinea.

Praise (The Future Sound Of London Concept Dub) – Inner City

Nowadays, Testament 93 is not that hard to find in digital version (download or CD), and I’ve seen a few vinyl copies available from online retailers and eBay. If you go for vinyl, make sure you get a mint copy, because although the pressing was very nice, it was also very fragile.