Rogue Orbit

My new mix is out, if there’s anyone out there reading this blog even though I haven’t taken care of it in a LOOONG time… 🙂

First mix after moving back to Montréal from the burbs!

You can stream or download it here and and your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting!


Rogue Orbit

  1. Inner City Blues (Gidge Remix) — Winhill/Losehill
  2. Prayer feat. Nicolette Krebitz & Udo Kier (Gui Boratto Mix) — Terranova
  3. Go On Then feat. Jem Cooke — Kate Simko
  4. Can’t Hurt You feat. Kim Ann Foxman — Layo & Bushwacka!
  5. Jump Leads — Sixth Avenue Express
  6. Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair — Lake Powel
  7. Raw Defined — Layo & Bushwacka!
  8. Throw (Slam’s RTM Remix) — Paperclip People
  9. 5am — Layo & Bushwacka!
  10. Curious Smile — Tim Green
  11. Analog Tour — T. Williams
  12. Lividup — Disclosure
  13. Yellow Magic — Luke & Jimmy
  14. Jammin — Show-B
  15. Ra-ako-st (Todd Terje Extended Edit) — Lindstrom
  16. Complete — Omar V & Robin C
  17. Interaction — Datassette / Slakinov
  18. Superficial Robots feat. Coco Solid — Lorenz Rhode

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