Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: a match made in heaven

I guess some would call this a mashup, but I’ve always had a bone to pick with mashups.

Now, there’s good, real mashups like what Girl Talk does, and there’s the rest, which is usually called a mix. So all those superstar DJs who play “mashups” are actually just playing premixed tracks. But enough of that.

Here’s one such mix I recorded this morning, just for you.

I used to do it very often when I was resident at Maurice in Quebec City and it’s my old buddy Nicolas Boutin, aka Nic B. who first came up with it.

It sounds like they were made to go together, but don’t be fooled: Prince’s track is not tight, so keeping them beat-matched throughout demands a lot of attention and constant fine-tuning.

I’m saying that not to boast but rather to warn you, should you want to try it yourself.

Prince – When Doves Cry / Kenlou – What a Sensation (Sensational Beats)

P.S.: In a club context, once Prince was finished, I could let the Kenlou track run for a while, with about 4 minutes left into it, and since it’s just a drum track with lots of percs, I could throw in just about anything back into it and it worked nice.

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