Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: a mysterious blueprint


A few years ago — well, OK, many years ago —, when I got my first regular gig in a club (not yet a full fledged residency, at Transcencdance, maybe a few people remember), I spun mostly Jungle, as drum n’ bass was then known.

Guess we’re talking ’round about 1992-93 or something like that.

In any case, back then I bought this 12″ single, a record whose labels only contained the words “Monroe Production Co” on one side and “Blueprint Records / The Promotion Label” on the other. No information about the artist of track title, not even engraved between the grooves at the blank end of the record (my copy does not have the handwritten info that can be seen on the image I found on Discogs).

Whatever it was, the track on the “Monroe Production Co” (let’s call it side A) became my secret weapon: it was the track I dropped to kill the floor, and it worked!

That sampling of Aphex Twin’s Digeridoo obviously got everybody’s attention, and that deep menacing whisper, too.

But the battery became assault when the beat kicked in and that awesome bass came rumbling down one’s spine.

Obviously, you can’t feel the whole power of this bass through an mp3 and computer speakers, but believe me when I tell you it was punishing!

So, as I decided to share this track as today’s music suggestion, I managed to find out who the track was by. Turns out it’s a track titled The Theme by DJ Fokus, who, according to Discogs, on released four 12″ in 1993 and 1994.

So, P. Stokes, wherever you are today, this DJ and many many dancers thank you for that Theme!

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