Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: Doves, again!

Yeah, I’ve made the Doves my daily music suggestion before, back when their latest album (one of my favourite of theirs so far) Kingdom of Rust came out (see the archives).

I’m recommending them again today because even after a few months out, I still can’t get enough of their song Compulsion and because today they released the instrumentals of Kingdom of Rust, an album aptly titled Instrumentals of Rust (d’oh!).

Now, I’m not enirely sure of the pertinence of releasing those instrumentals, although upon hearing about their upcoming release, I was excited about the news.

After listening to them, however, it is painfully obvious that recording an instrumental and merely removing the vocal track from an existing song are two very different processes, and the latter is rarely a good option.

Except in the case of Compulsion, which sounds as good sung and unsung.


Compulsion (Instrumental)
Compaulsion (Instrumental)

Plus, with its uncanny resemblance to Blondie’s Rapture, having access to an instrumental makes it very tempting to do a mashup!

Now, if I could just find Rapture‘s acapella…

2 thoughts on “Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: Doves, again!”

  1. Love the mashup w/ Rapture and Riders on the storm, a very similar chord prog.

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