Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: for Marie L.

Marie Lebel, 1978-2009
Marie Lebel, 1978-2009

This is for my dear departed friend Marie Lebel.

I asked Anne-Caroline — who introduced me to Marie and who was closer to her than I was — what she remembered as Marie’s favourite song and this was it.

“She would listen to it a thousand times over in her car”, Anne-Caro told me.

It’s funny how, in a way, it’s very appropriate and fitting and even provides a kind of closure.

So, please listen to this with a loving thought for Marie, even if you never knew her.

She was truly deserving (and maybe in dire need) of loving thoughts.

I’m offering the Nellee Hooper version, too, in case Marie didn’t know it. 🙂

Hymn of the Big Wheel – Massive Attack
Big Wheel

Hymn of the Big Wheel (Nellee Hooper Mix) – Massive Attack

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