The archives are online

Hey y’all.

I’ve archives all the tracks I’ve produced, co-produced or remixed so far, since 2000.

I’ve included a few details on each track, and I’m presenting them in alphabetical order because, for most of them, I’ve lost the actual date of creation in a hard drive crash.

Indeed, a lot of those tracks only exist in audio format because the Reason master file (.rns) was lost.

In alphabetical order also beacuse I don’t want to put any of them forward, even though I should, but like I said, it’s an archive, not a sales pitch.

To wit, the fact that for the vast majority of them, the title is a working title, and and real title is important to me once a track is finished. I’ll let you guess which ones I think are completed tracks.

They are only available to stream, but I’ll gladly send you a copy should you request one.

The archive is HERE

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