Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: I See the Way


Pure and simple, one of my all time favourite tracks.

One of the rarest of times where you’ll catch me being nostalgic.

Reminds me of a Rave in Quebec City that we had entitled Sweet (I also designed that flyer).

It was held on the 10th floor of an abandonned bank building. The first memorable thing about this Rave was that, as you rode the elevator up to the floor where the party was, you could hear the music grow louder and louder, until the moment you reached the floor and the doors openend, and then…


The full force of the music — and the humidity from those hundreds, if not thousands, of bodies, dancing and sweating — hit you, full force…

That night, I was one of the DJs, and one of the promoters, too, and I had popped some pills before entering that venue, and when those elevator doors openend, I was so blown away… Dem pills hit me full force. I did a 360 around an axis that was perpendicular to my body at my waist (it’s hard to explain, but it was amazing to experience!)

sweetIn any case, it was probably one of the nicest Raves I’ve attended, and I’ve been told (as well as remember) that it was one of my best DJ sets of all time.

Now, I remember maybe 5 or 6 of the tracks I played during that set, but one moment I will NEVER forget is that last track of that set, the people going crazy, and the sun rising through the clouds while a very light snow was falling outside (it was Easter Sunday in 1995 and in these latitudes, a light snow on Easter Sunday is almost mandatory).

Just imagine the scene: still high on your drug of choice, this track comes on the PA while you just realize that the room is getting brighter, and not because of the lighting system, but because you’ve made it through the night, dancing your ass off in pure ecstasy (the pun is only half intended)

Rozzo – See the Way
Rozzo – See the Light

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