Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: hot! Hot!! HOT!!!


I’ve just completed a little round of shopping on Beatport and I just HAD to share this bomb with y’all!

Living my Life – Roberto Rodriguez (Plastic City)
Living my Life

Now, Rodriguez, originally from Helsinki (check out his brief bio by clicking this link), is not a newcomer to the scene, and some of his productions have been featured in my mixes before.

He’s one of the producers I’ve favourited in Beatport because his productions are always top quality, but this new track on Plastic City just blew my mind intstantly!

Pay close attention to his subtle use of a TB-303-like sound in there (the low warbly one that comes in before the high squelchy one). Absolutely delightful!

It has all the makings of a classic, it is the kind of track I wish I had composed, and I say that without any trace of jealousy, only with great awe and admiration!

No need to bet your money: this track is obviously gonna be in my next mix AND it will play during my set @ Picnik Electronik, on August 16th, that is for SURE!

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