Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: A Hidden Gem

Garoto (Steve Cobby Solid Doc Rerub Mix) – Cusmos

I got this track about a year ago, and since then I’ve been meaning to find a place for it in one of my mixes, but so far all I have done with it is enjoy it in the comfort of my studio or car.

So, time to share the love…

Cusmos feat. Joyce Muniz? Not a household name yet, that much is clear.

However, the Mos in Cusmos stands for Moestl, as in Karl Moestl, a name associated with Kruder & Dorfmeister and their G-Stone label.

As for Joyce Muniz (picture), her Discogs profile sounds like she’s a very promising up-and-coming DJ and MC.

As for Steve Cobby, you might better remember him as one half of the EXCELLENT duo Fila Brazillia.

Now, to me, that is the recipe for a great track!

Do check out the original and Dorfmesiter remix, they’re just as good!

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