Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Giveaways: FREE STUFF! Won’t enlarge your penis. But then again…

Photo: Pål Laukli
The Mungolians - Photo: Pål Laukli

Hey y’all! Sorry ’bout the wee hiatus, I was off on a small holiday with my daughter, last weekend, and well… that’s it!

As is customary when I do not post for a few days, I try to come back with music you can keep legally and for free!

Well, I found a few great things for ya!

First, if you remember, a coupla days ago I told you about The Mungolian Jet Set releasing an excellent double compilation of their work. Well, turns out they are giving out one of the tracks on said compilation, and it happens to be the best one of the lot!

Clairevoyage (A Medley Performed By The 16th Rebels Of Mung) – Dominique Leone

As you can see, it is offered by RCRD*LBL, “a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists.”

There’s tons of good stuff and there’s a newsletter you can subscribe to that will send a free track to your inbox on a daily basis!

Today’s free track, for instance, made me discover the excellent Memory Tapes.

Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub) – Memory Tapes

I’ve also mentionned FACT Magazine before, they also give out free stuff regularly, and latest on the list is British MC Ms. Dynamite.

Never heard of her? Check out the video for her debut hit from a coupla years back, Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

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