Monsieur Seb @ Intense, Quebec City, 31-12-2009

Actually, it was on 01-01-2010, since I played from 2:30 to 4 a.m., but here’s the recording of the exclusive Drum n’ Bass set I played at that event earlier this week.

I meant to record the set live, but forgot to hit the record button at the beginning of the set, so the actual live recording is missing the first 12 minutes. Here it is, re-recorded for your listening enjoyment.

Should anyone absolutely want the actual live recording, let me know.

Happy New Year!


You can stream it MSEB@Intense or download it by right-clicking on the picture.


  1. Tajitsu — Dom & Roland, Noisia
  2. Exodus feat. KRS One — Mayhem, Noisia
  3. Breathe In, Scream Out — Spor
  4. Choke feat. MC Verse — Mayhem, Noisia
  5. Frozen — Phace, Chook
  6. Cold Champagne — Phace
  7. Printer Jam — Mistabishi
  8. Painkiller (Noisia Remix) — Freestylers, Pendulum, SirReal
  9. Lost Cause — TeeBee, Noisia
  10. Home [Jedi knights remix (Drowning in time)] — Depeche Mode
  11. Warhead — DJ Krust
  12. Resolute — Spor
  13. Stigma — Noisia
  14. Moonway Renegade — Mayhem, Noisia
  15. Disconnected — Cyantific
  16. Glitch — Logistics
  17. Beautiful (Nu:tone Remix) — Phuturistix
  18. Spread Love — Nu:Tone
  19. Beliefs feat. Pat Fulgoni — Nu:Tone
  20. Luv & Haight (Matrix Remix) — Redeyes

One thought on “Monsieur Seb @ Intense, Quebec City, 31-12-2009”

  1. Salut Seb, comment on télécharge le set ? En région la connection est ordinaire, donc ça coupe.

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