Monsieur Seb’s Daily Music Suggestion: things you didn’t know they did

I first heard this track on one of the excellent Beats in Space radio shows/podcasts and I was really susprised by it.

Now, I never presume that because I have never heard a track no one ever has, either, but, nonetheless, I’m still a pretty good barometer, and I can honestly say I doubt many of you have.

It took some effort to track a copy online, but I managed to find one on vinyl on from a seller in Spain! Cost me about 25$ with shipping and all, but I still think it was worth it, even if only for the “historical” value.

The copy I found was a 1992 reissue with a 12″ mix, but the one I really wanted is the classic mix, from 1984.

The real interest of this track, apart from the fact that it’s excellent and sounds pretty fresh even today?

Just listen closely to the voice…

Why Don’t You Answer – Eberhard Schoener Dance Experience (1984)
Why Don’t You Answer

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