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Fall, Autumn Rain

Here’s a new mix for you that is both conceptual and impressionist.

Impressionist because I wanted a mix that would play as a soundtrack to this season — sorry I couldn’t wait until Sept. 22nd to release it! — and conceptual because to create such an impressionist soundscape, I selected only tracks that contained one or more of the following words in their title:

  • Autumn, Fall, Leaves, Rain, September, October, November

It is a rather ambiant affair, and therefore not recommended for the operation of heavy machinery.

Watching the rain fall or walking through a forest are, however, perfectly appropriate activities to carry out while listening to this mix.

Doing so on a Sunday will, without a doubt, add to your enjoyment.

As a bonus, you’ll hear one of my compositions in this mix… Hope you enjoy both of them!

As usual, you can stream it
fallautumnrain or download it by right-clicking the image on the right.

As always, your donations are welcome to help me pay for the file hosting! 😉


Fall, Autumn Rain (Total run time – 1:34:39)

  1. September – David Sylvian
  2. Pale September – Fiona Apple
  3. Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix) – Coldcut
  4. Autumn – Social System
  5. Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960 – Brian Eno
  6. Fall – Monsieur Seb
  7. Sunrain – Ashra
  8. Sometimes In Autumn – Harmonia 76 & Brian Eno (you can legally download Shackleton’s remix of this track here)
  9. The Leaves Are Gone – Secret Machines
  10. Rain Bird – Love & Rockets
  11. Life In The Rain – Quantic
  12. The Falling Leaves – Ramachandra Borcar Presents The Stacked Deck
  13. Fall – Miles Davis
  14. Autumn Abyss – Elitechnique