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When whales can’t hear each other…

Wired Science just posted an interesting article about underwater noise pollution and its effect on whales, among others.

What’s interesting, here, is that the article supplies us with two audio example of whales communicating, one in a noise-free environment and the other recorded in the New York Harbor.

What immediately struck me, as a tinnitus sufferer (like most DJs) is the ressemblance with the “noise” this condition imposes on one’s hearing.

Not to make fun of this serious issue, can you imagine a whale-sized hearing aid? Or maybe they’ll have to start using a P.A. system to hear each other over the din… 😉

FACT magazine gives away a mix by Emperor Machine

Andy Meecham’s Emperor Machine project debuted on DC Recordings in 2003 with the ‘Pro Mars’ 12″, but it was Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise – a series of six 12″s released between 2005 and 2007 and collected on an album of the same name – that caused the world really to really sit up and take notice. Combining pure analogue experimentation with aspects of cosmic disco, smack-rock, kosmische, free jazz, ambient and house, Meecham created something akin to a total, all-encompassing psychedelia. These days the ‘Machine isn’t simply a solo studio project: it has a live band incarnation, which toured to great acclaim last year and will be hitting the road again this summer, including a date at Glastonbury. Space Beyond The Egg reflects – to some degree – the more organic, improvisational direction that The Emperor Machine has take, without compromising what made it great in the first place.

FACT magazine – music & art news, upfront videos, free downloads, classic vinyl, competitions, gigs, clubs, festivals & exhibitions – FACT mix 57: The Emperor Machine.